I’m very grateful for all the help you provided me during my career as a student. Until this day You still help me when ever I’m stuck with a certain subject. I want to help to make this useful information available to more people so they can put it to a good use!

I would love to help the Kahn Academy improve their footprint in the Netherlands. I think our school system is currently quite far behind when compared to, for example, the UK. A proper translation in Dutch will definitely help convince governments and schools to implement modules into the standard curriculum or advanced/extra-curricular programmes. I think any kid should get the opportunity to be amazed by these great topics and skill-areas!:)

Because I absolutely love people who want to improve education.

Because it helped me allot with learning how to make webpages. In just a weak I learned HTML&CSS. Before I had the impression that it was difficult, so this really helped improve my self esteem and regain my passion for learning new things.

Also, I really enjoyed learning from khanacademy:)