Elke dag melden zich via www.khanacademy.org vrijwilligers aan om te helpen met vertalen naar Nederlands, onder meer om deze redenen:

Knowledge is important. Education is not keeping up with modern technology. So it is up to the people to keep everything up to date.

I love that Khan academy provides worldwide education, for free! It helped me through several exams and taught me many things. If I can help distribute that content to a new/different audience, that would be my pleasure.

I found your platform through Ted.com. I think education is an important key to climb up the social ladder and I think Khan academy is contributing to this by offering courses that anyone with an internet connection can follow. However, most videos are in english and this might be a hurdle for some. I would like to take away that.

Because I know there are a lot of teenagers who are using this service in ‘High School’ in the Netherlands. However, not all of them are that well educated in English. So I want them to be able to understand the theory when the teacher is not there to explain.

Wij zijn het helemaal eens met hen en heel blij met hun hulp!